All Sons and Daughters

Right after I finished my photo shoot with Missy Franklin and had some quick espresso with my buddy Donald in Knoxville, I dashed back to Nashville for a meeting with All Sons and Daughters that evening.

I met with David and Leslie in Franklin at Journey Church where they are also the worship leaders. They had a great "office" space that was kind of like a pianists dream room, David has some fun toys hidden away back there. Meeting with an artists prior to a shoot can be so important and really effect how the shoot day will go. I enjoyed so much chatting with them and hearing about the tracks on the album, getting to hear some samples and also hearing their desires for the photos.

We decided to get an early start and beat the sun to the first location by about 20min, never hurts to wake up at 4am every now and then. Our goal was to catch the sunrise and the fog that we all thought was going to be covering the field that morning. Who knew there would be almost no fog that morning.... Oh well, life goes on.

It was still a beautifully dreary morning, really set a solid mood for the images. Leslie brought along a very cool old light that was our main focus at our first location that morning. The light was great, but a bit sketchy electrical wise.. That only got worse when the rain came, but with all that came this wonderful shot of Leslie getting electrocuted. She was fine and it made for a good laugh and funny photo.

David and Leslie are two of the most talented people that I know and it was an absolute pleasure working with them on this project. Be sure to check them out and buy The Longing, out now. Also be on the lookout for a live record/DVD in the works that I had the honor of working on along side All Sons and Daughters.

Check out their new album The Longing HERE