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I recently had the pleasure of shooting mega Saints fan Darth Saint in New Orleans for Sportsnet Magazine out of Canada. If you are a Saints fan this guy probably looks familiar to you because of all the air time he has gotten. 

Recently with all of the "accusations" that have been thrown at the New Orleans Saints I couldn't help but find even more pride in these photos. After finally getting time this morning to read about the "scandal" and all of the unprecedented penalties that the NFL has hit the team with, I'm very frustrated! SO! I have an idea, let's send Darth Saint to the NFL offices with a lightsaber and defend Sean Payton and the Saints organization. I would like to see Roger Goodell's face when Darth Saints walks in his office.. 

Greg Banks: Big Easy to Big Apple


"Are you going to a disco party?" a man yells out from his car as Greg and I begin to shoot. We both laugh and in my head I think to myself "He has no clue..". You see Greg Banks is not only a man of soulful music ability, but Greg has one of the greatest fashion styles of anyone I know! When he arrived on set you would have thought he'd just walked out of the past, but the great thing is that Greg always dresses this way. Whether Greg is on stage, on set, or on his way to get groceries, he is a man of style!

"My fashion is a mashup between the 20's and the 70's."-Greg Banks


 IMG_0407A     IMG_0322

"My music style is Neo-Soul/Funk."-Greg Banks


The name "Big East to Big Apple" came to us while we were shooting in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. Greg was preparing to make a big move the following week to New York City and we wanted to build a story around this chapter in his career and life. So that only meant one thing.. I was headed to NYC!

Just two weeks after we shot in New Orleans, Greg and I were roaming the streets on Brooklyn and Manhattan capturing his new life. 


IMG_4588     IMG_4610

Not too long after we finished up all of the images I found out that American Way Magazine wanted to run a story on Greg and one of our images was going to be used. I have been in several magazines before, but what made this interesting was that American Way is the inflight magazine for American Airlines. How awesome would it be to have everyone on an American Airlines flight see my image, pretty nifty. 


The issue is now out so if you are flying American Airlines in the next month, be sure to flip through your inflight magazine to find Greg's article. 


Read the article online here: Greg Banks American Way

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