behind the scenes

Missy Franklin: Olympic Gold medalist!

It was my absolute pleasure to get the opportunity to photograph Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin for The Hollywood Reporter Magazine. I received a phone call the night prior to she shoot from the magazine asking if I was available for a last minute shoot with an Olympian. The job came at a very busy time for me, but after rearranging a few meetings I was good to go.

The shoot was to take place in Knoxville,TN at the aquatics building at UT where the Olympic swim team had been practicing. This was a very last minute shoot and I was told that I would have 30min with Missy and was given a shot list. Living in Nashville I left the house at around 3:30am to get to Knoxville in time to set up and get ready before Missy arrived.

The last detail I received from the client was that there might be a media day going on at UT in the morning.. I didn't realize the weight of those words until I got on location and found out that it wouldn't be Missy, myself, an assistant and a pool.. It would be all of that plus around 2000 other people.

This had a pretty significant impact on what I could shoot and where I could shoot, but luckily my good friend and fellow photographer Donald Page, the head sports photographer at UT, showed me the one vacant spot in the building that ended up being exactly what I needed. I set up and popped off a few test shots using Donald as a test subject, then took a few minutes to shoot photos of the swim team warming up.

Soon after I found out that I would not have 30min with Missy, but I would have 15min.. Ok, not bad let's do it! Well.... Once Missy arrived (she wasn't swimming that day) I was told that I would have 10 min with her. Fine fine, was almost expecting that.

Missy came over with me and we got down to shooting, keeping in the back of my mind the time frame I was given I worked swiftly. Before I knew it the shoot was over and she off to an interview.

I got the oppertunity to chat with Missy while we shot and I have to say that she is truely a sweet person. Nothing but smiles and joy the whole time, an absolute pleasure to work with. Missy won silver in her first event setting an American  record, but today she got her gold! I couldnt be more happy for her and I can't wait to see how many she racks up by the end of her events.

It wasn't until I got home and checked the times on the image data that I realized my 10minutes dwindled down to 5minutes from 1st shot to last. I was happy, the client was happy and I got back to Nashville with 15min to spare before my meeting! Good day indeed!