Anna Johnson: BTS

After meeting and sipping down some coffee at Nashville's Frothy Monkey, I had the pleasure of photographing music artist Anna Johnson. We knew what vibe we wanted for the images, but had not nailed down a location. After spending some time location scouting, I came across a magical little area deep in Percy Warner Park. About a week later with much excitement and many spiders we began shooting.

The final image now graces the homepage of my website. I absolutely fell in love with the image and feeling that you get from it.

I used 2 strobes for this image, one in front and one behind her, both using umbrellas. I think this might be the only shoot in years where I used 2 umbrellas, but I was looking for a widespread light source and it worked just as I wanted. 

In addition to the fairly simple strobe setup, the natural light played a big roll in bringing the image to life as well.

Here is an unrefined image from the shoot where you can catch a glimpse of the lights being used.

Anna and I have already begun to plan our next shoot coming up in September for a Christmas album she and the band are putting out.

You can find out more about Anna Johnson and the upcoming album here:

Christmas Album