The Band Perry: Billboard Magazine Cover Story

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If you know anything about country music or just ever listen to a radio, you are probably familiar with The Band Perry. I had the honor of photographing the band for the cover story of Billboard Magazine recently and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

I have been a big fan of Billboard Magazine for a long time now and getting approached to shoot the cover was a very humbling request. So many incredible artists have graced the cover of Billboard and so many photographers that I have looked up to have had the privilege of showcasing their work on this famous publication. I love what I do and I am forever excited for any shoot that comes my way, but this one was special for me personally.

The shoot was a total blast, the band and their crew were some of the nicest people I had ever met. Mix great people, fun ideas and a lot of fog and I could not have asked for a better experience.

My best wishes to the band as they are within weeks of releasing their sophomore album Pioneer! Check the band out online at:

And make sure you head on over to Scott Kelby's blog for a deeper look into the shoot!