The Moments Between Assignments

About a week ago I got an assignment to shoot in Louisville, KY for SportsNet Magazine out of Canada. I had never been to Louisville before and with a previous editorial assignment already under my belt with this magazine I was more than excited to take the job. I got back into Nashville from Louisiana Thursday evening and loaded up Friday morning and hit the road to Louisville with my buckaroo Seth riding shotgun. 

We got into Louisville in time for a quick lunch at the Troll Pub before the shoot and made it over to Louisville Slugger Field with a half hour to spare. Unfortunately our field contact was not at his desk and seemed to be M.I.A.. We had a late start because of this and the field allotted us a whopping 10min to setup AND shoot! By the grace of God I got 3 different looks to send back to the editor and everyone was happy. (Images to come on a later blog)

When I got back in the car and headed out to find the nearest coffee shop to compose my frazzled brain a wonderful moment happened. As we got right outside of the downtown area of Louisville wide empty streets appeared, mix in the beautiful overcast sky and vibrant green trees I had to pull over! 

I hopped out and started shooting in the middle of the street the tranquil scene ahead of me. As I was shooting Seth stepped into frame and said "Hey get this". It looked as if he were gonna jump in the air and smile and I thought "Ah.. ok, been there done that but cool." Then Seth caught me off guard  with a backflip! I didn't see it coming and definitely wasn't shooting at a high enough shutter speed to catch that motion.


So I began to beg for another one! Seth was a little rusty and was hesitant to attempt it again and thought we may need to find a hospital if he tries a second time. But I kept pushing for one!

Just then a gentleman walks up out of nowhere and asked "Are you gonna do a backflip?" I said "I hope so!" and the gentleman said he wanted to watch. Then he said "Hey wanna get this?" and walked over to a pole and described his next move. I quickly adjusted camera settings and then he went for it! 

A perfectly executed backflip off a pole.. I had no clue why everyone was doing backflips all of a sudden, but what I was seeing on my camera screen made me all kinds of happy! Such a surreal moment in time captured.. It looks like he is just falling out the sky!

The gentleman then told us his tragic story and asked for money for a bus.. After the image he gave me I was happy to pay up!

He began to walk away and I focused back on begging Seth for another flip until he finally caved in. We walked back in the middle of the street and with the right camera settings this time Seth went for it again and I snapped one shot.

It was such a great few minutes after a very stressful shoot.. It made me so happy that I pulled over to shoot that moment that I saw and made me regret the times in the past that I was too much in a hurry to stop and photograph something.

Lesson learned, sometimes it's the spur of the moment images you capture in between assignment that really make you happy.

Just slow down once in awhile!